Testimonials – What do others have to say?

​Kellie sold $4.4 million of real estate in 1 month.  Here's what she has to say:

Kellie McRae creator of 3 Infoproducts - Chicago, USA

I come from sales. I'm going to play devil's advocate

The fact that Jake paints such a good picture -- the reader gets emotionally involved.

People buy if the emotional part is there, because they get real-world instant gratification.

She sums it up in 1 minute and 10 seconds...

Click the play button to hear what she has to say and watch to the 2:00 mark:

Kellie has more to say about persuasive selling:​

Kellie McRae eCourse Creator from Chicago, USA

Hit those pain points.

The reader can relate to the pain points.

If it's a problem for the customer, she'll listen to you all day long.

Give them a little bit of the history of what's happened to make them think, "Wait... maybe I do need that."

Then the customer feels that problem right now. That's exactly what Jake did.

Jamie McGinnis Coach - Nova Scotia, Canada

I thought your sales pitch example was a lot of fluff

That's where I was wrong.

You're truly speaking to someone's problem and you get that right.

You can talk about the problem and they're thinking, "Yes, okay, that's what I'm going through."

The more you understand your audience, the more likely they are to buy.

They're more likely to relate.

But if your sales page is NOT relatable, they might write you back saying "This is useless."

It's about a deeper understanding.

You're going to be able to relate with your audience more.

You're going to get them nodding their head. The 'yes-cadence' -- Socrates' way for influencing people.

You're going to get them to say, "That's how I feel."

With every 'Yes', they're more likely to buy your product.

During a persuasive selling workshop, I gave an example sales pitch of selling coffee.

I asked my students what they thought.  Here's what they had to say:

Esther V. Coach - Holland

I've never drank a cup of coffee in my life...

... but I can relate to the people's desires and emotions.

"I want to get stuff done on Friday afternoon without the hardship. Ohhhh, that coffee is going to be my savior."

Click the image to Watch a short 37-second video:

She wasn't the only non-coffee drinker to be persuaded...

Click the play button and Watch for only 36 seconds​:

Here's the student that Esther is talking about:

Roman Lillie Author - Los Angeles, California

I don't like coffee, but...

... I was thinking, "That does sound good. I can understand this."

You were in this person's head -- that's the goal.

Your sales pitch felt effective.

You had everything down.

In that sales pitch, I used the exact framework as I do in all my selling.

Another content marketer was an initial skeptic of my perspective on being a conscious marketer

Kamil Kaminski Content Marketer - Poland

I was worried that someone would steal my solution

But now I'm sold.

Thanks to you I could step back and gain a wider perspective.

Now, I have a more friendly and a higher-impact solution for long-term growth. And a more suitable approach for my platform.

I've shifted my mindset to giving value.

The principle of giving value first and it will come back to you 10x... the ROI will be higher.

When I have an inner conflict, I can reach down to this principle, and my decisions are easier.

Eric Raio Online Solopreneur - California, USA

I was afraid I'd invest all this time and get nothing out of it.

I now have tactics and strategies on how I can best understand the needs of my customer.

I can take my customer insights and plug it into my copywriting --including the headline and how to word it.

That helps me better position my copy, especially based on who's reading it.

Online solopreneur advocates without me asking.

Online solopreneur advocates without me asking.