Is your ​Sales page lingering on your todo list?

Need your sales page written yesterday?

Searching for a hands-free, done-for-you solution?

Tom Poland Serial Entrepreneur - Castaways Beach, Australia

Jake used the Godfather Strategy with me

He made an offer you couldn't say no to. An offer too good to refuse.

Jake wrote a landing page selling my product.

Look, I've given talks on copywriting, and Jake runs circles around me.

His stuff is stunning. I would say he's one of the finest copywriters I've ever met.

Get a high-converting sales page that compels your reader to click buy...

And put more money in your bank account.

Without sounding like a slick-haired salesman.

Without resetting countdown timers.

Without fake, irksome discounts​.

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Get a sales message for any of the following:

  • Sales page or Landing page
  • Video sales letter (VSL)
  • Webinar pitch
  • Sales letter
  • Sales call
  • Sales ...

Currently NOT doing:

  • Email sequences
  • Product launch sequences​
  • Full Webinar scripts

Never ask for:

  • Blog posts
  • Facebook or Google ads
  • Design services (Content is king;)
  • A/B split tests or Analytics


All consulting seats are currently filled.

... filled by other savvy marketers like yourself.

I'm not a sell-out​, but I'm a sucker for marketing.

If you can convince me that we fit​, then I'd love to hear your pitch.

Warning! I meditate daily followed by 30 minutes of yoga.  I don't fill my time with work "just because".

- Don't send me a link to your website and expect me to click around
- Don't expect me to know who you are
- Don't hold your cards to your chest

Hit me with your best shot 😉

Kellie McRae creator of 3 Infoproducts - Chicago, USA

I come from sales. I'm going to play devil's advocate

The fact that Jake paints such a good picture -- the reader gets emotionally involved.

People buy if the emotional part is there, because they get real-world instant gratification.

Get a free 30-minute consult.  I only work with 3 clients per month.  Don't let another savvy marketer claim your seat.  Schedule an appointment now:

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