Persuasive Sales Copywriting

A golden rule in marketing and sales copy is to write for ONE ideal target customer.

But one of my clients didn't want to target only 1 customer.  

And not only 2 customer types. 

But she wanted to target 3 completely different customer profiles.

Here's a sales page targeting 3 different readers

We use an engaging narrative centered around a mother, her sick child, and the domino effect it has on all 3 target customers -- mothers, employers, and child care centers.

Colorado Bridge Program sales page

 ⬆︎Click the thumbnail above to display full-text on this page. ⬆︎

Even the headline targets all 3 parties.  "mother", "childcare", "employed"

The headline also creates a common 'enemy' with the state of Colorado as villain.

The subheadline sets the stage of an 'upcoming battle', and 'joins' the 3 parties by using the word "community".

I've also written a 26-pager for a client selling his $1,997 product.

Tom Poland sells an online program training service-based business how to get clients. 

Tom Poland Serial Entrepreneur - Castaways Beach, Australia

I've given talks on copywriting, and Jake runs circles around me.

His stuff is stunning. I would say he's one of the finest copywriters I've ever met.

What 2 elements make my copywriting "stunning"?

#1: I don't talk like a slick-haired salesman.  Instead, I put the human in sales, by using normal language and engaging storytelling.

Here's an example.  My client wanted to post on his Facebook.  We had to toe the line between [sounding like an advertisement] and a [valuable post to his friends].

We crafted a story around his audience's one big problem.  Click the image below to read.  (Full text will display in a close-able popup on this page.)

click the image to display entire 'ad' text

public Facebook post using storytelling to sell a VIP webinar seat

So, the 1st reason is I use storytelling with everyday language to emotionally engage the reader.

The 2nd reason Tom Poland calls my copywriting 'stunning':

#2: I don't get fancy like a 'writer'.  I use tested formulas, proven to pull in millions of dollars.

Copywriters like:

  • Ramit Sethi, who teaches an online course on copywriting​ and has sold $5 million of eCourses in 1 week.
  • Derick Halpern, who has 1000+ students in his ecourse and sells a course "Sales Page that Converts"
  • Gary Halbert, who wrote and mailed old-fashioned sales letters that 1/3 of every house in America has seen

These guys all use formulas and templates to encourage buyers, why wouldn't I?

There's a big difference between sounding sales-y and encouraging a person to buy

Read what my client Kamil has to say about sounding sales-y and preachy: ​

Kamil Kaminski Online business owner - Poland

I had no idea if my sales page sounded too preachy

With so much clickbait, people are put off when they smell cheap persuasion.

I'd rather avoid the style of being super sales-y.

Now I'm sure I'm not making any blatant mistakes -- hitting on the pain points without sounding dramatic.

I have peace of mind and confidence that what I'm putting out there is good.

To help spread my skills, I hosted a workshop

It was about writing a sales page without sounding like a slick-haired salesman:

Screenshot of Facebook event 'Write Your Sales Page Intro' organized by Jake Berger

To begin the workshop, I gave an example using my persuasive selling framework.  Here's what an initial doubter has to say:

Jamie McGinnis Coach - Nova Scotia, Canada

I thought your sales pitch example was a lot of fluff

That's where I was wrong.

You're truly speaking to someone's problem and you get that right.

You can talk about the problem and they're thinking, "Yes, okay, that's what I'm going through."

The more you understand your audience, the more likely they are to buy.

They're more likely to relate.

But if your sales page is NOT relatable, they might write you back saying "This is useless."

It's about a deeper understanding.

You're going to be able to relate with your audience more.

You're going to get them nodding their head. The 'yes-cadence' -- Socrates' way for influencing people.

You're going to get them to say, "That's how I feel."

With every 'Yes', they're more likely to buy your product.

My persuasive selling framework was born after getting grilled by my marketing teammates.

Landing Pages for a 7-figure marketing company

I worked with Thrive Themes -- a multi-million dollar company with over 40,000 customers that sells online marketing plugins.  Most of my work was behind the scenes: ads, market growth, product feedback, sales funnels, etc.

But here are a few samples of my work.  (Actual Landing pages are colored, yet images are in greyscale for readability.)

Landing Page for Scarcity Webinar

This landing page generated 85 webinar registrants who stayed till the end of the webinar and answered a survey.

Imagine what you could do with clients who watch your entire webinar AND take action after it ends..

A/B Test Challenger Landing Page for lead generation

Get more podcast listeners from your website

My variation was the winner, statistically getting more leads than the original

Here's what online business owner, Eric has to say about working with me:

Eric Raio Online Solopreneur - California

I was afraid I'd invest all this time and get nothing out of working with Jake

I've gained new insights on how I could better understand my audience and customers.

I can then take those insights and plug it into my copywriting and better position my copy.

On this page, I've presented to you:

  • ​a 26-page, long-copy sales page
  • a delicate conversion-focused post on a personal Facebook account
  • a landing page targeting 3 completely different markets
  • a landing page to capture webinar registrants
  • a landing page to capture podcasters

Here's a 150-word video script I wrote to be presented to VCs included with a presentation pitch.

Click the image below to quickly read the short 150-word script in a closeable popup:​