Ad → Lead Capture → Sales Page — Google Analytics Sales Funnel Steps

A bit of context..

A Tripwire is a low offer around $7 to get the prospect to pull out his credit card and make a paid commitment.

Imagine you have a marketing campaign setup like this:

  1. Viewer clicks your Facebook ad
  2. ​Lands on your Lead Capture page, then submits his email
  3. Lands on a Tripwire page, then clicks 'Buy'
  4. Lands on your Payment Received page

Is this a single funnel with multiple parts?


Let me define the steps from left to right.  It could be easier to visualize:

[Facebook Ad] ➔ [Lead Capture] ➔ [Tripwire] ➔ [Payment Received]​

How is this funnel defined in Google Analytics?​

​It's not a single funnel.

It's 2 separate funnels.

Funnel #1: Lead Capture:

  1. Lead Capture page
  2. Tripwire page​

Funnel #2: Tripwire Offer

  1. Tripwire page
  2. Payment Received page​

This works because the Tripwire page is dual-purpose.

The Tripwire page is both the 'Thank you' page and an offer​ page.

How can you apply this to your funnel?

​Break your entire funnel down into smaller funnels.

Each funnel has exactly 1 conversion goal.  Here's a list of common website conversion goals:

  • Email Address Submitted
  • ​Tripwire Purchased
  • Webinar Registration Submitted
  • Webinar Attended
  • Core Offer Sales Page Visited
  • Core Offer Purchased
  • Upsell Purchased

So in Google Analytics, I'd create a funnel for each conversion goal.  The Upsell Purchased funnel would have steps like this:

  1. Core Offer Sales page​
  2. Payment Info page
  3. Upsell page
  4. Core Offer & Upsell Confirmation page

A better name for this funnel: Core Offer with Upsell Purchased

What happens if you upsell in an email follow-up sequence?

The funnel would be named Upsell Followup Purchased.  It looks like this:

  1. Upsell page
  2. Upsell Confirmation page

Remember a single page can be a step in multiple different funnels.

Why would you want a funnel like this?

Commitment increments.  The client makes tiny commitments:

  1. ​Consumes ad (attention/mental energy)
  2. Clicks (action)
  3. Submits Email (contact information)
  4. Submits Money​ (payment information)

Not only tiny commitments, but commitments on different levels.  From brain energy to money.

In closing..

Slice up your long sales​ funnel into tiny sales funnels.

Each funnel​ has a single purpose -- a single conversion goal.

It's normal for funnels​ to overlap and have the same pages.

Jake Berger

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