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Why Visitors don’t Click (and How to Double Conversions)

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The visitor lands on your page.

He scrolls for a bit, sees your registration form...

He leaves... ​

He never submits his name & email... he never returns.

Why does the visitor leave?

Let's look at it from the perspective of a human brain.

When the visitor reaches the opt-in form... he has to make a decision.


A: Yes, I want to sacrifice contact details & time by typing out my entire name, email, then clicking a button; or...

B: No, I'll pass.

How to get more clients from a 'No' to a 'Yes'

There's a gap between No and Yes.

It's your job as an influencer to bridge that gap.

You bridge it with information.  But how do you know which information?

A/B split tests.

A split test is a controlled & randomized experiment to improve a conversions

Most people make this #1 BIG mistake when running split tests

They guess.

Or try to resolve an argument.

Guesswork and arguments don't lead to results.

Here's what we do instead of wild guessing...

Create a scientific guess

Also known as, a hypothesis... don't go running away yet.

A year of honors chemistry in high school led me to scorn the word 'hypothesis'.

A hypothesis has 3 simple building blocks:

  1. the Change (to make)
  2. the Effect (on your prospect)
  3. the Impact (you expect on conversions)

A simple formula to form a hypothesis

"By changing {the text from 'Finish'} to {'Get your Test Results Now'}, I could get more prospects to {register}, and thus increase {signups}"

"By changing {current thing} to {changed thing}, we could {affect prospects}, and thus {get result}."

Pretty simple to apply, yeah?

A conversion-focused mindset to install into your brain...

Motivation - Friction = Conversion

Isn't that true?

If your client is motivated, then he wants to click.

But if there's friction, he's less likely to click.

Even worse than friction...

This Mistake is a huge Conversion-Killer from one step to the next step


When the client sees a Facebook ad, he reacts, "Ooo!"

Then he arrives on your landing page and reacts, "Huh?"

That's disconnect.

There must be a Special Ingredient from one step to the next


With relevancy, the client reacts like this:

When the client sees a Facebook ad, he reacts, "Ooo!"

Then he arrives on your landing page and reacts, "Ah."

Then he clicks.  He registers.  He clicks 'Buy'.  He pays.

Find the sweet spot between Science & Art

Your brain is made up of 2 sides... left-brain/right-brain.

One is made for science, the other for creativity.

If you're too scientific, you'll end up with tunnel vision stuck with the same problem.

If you're too creative, you'll end up randomly guessing without getting a result.

Where's the sweet spot Science & Art?

Balance.  Strike a balance.  Add a bit of science, a bit of art, and et voila!

Science uses data.

Art uses brainstorming.

Where can you find the perfect blend of Science & Art?

Ask questions.  Survey.  

Places to steal from include:

  1. clients​
  2. customers​
  3. sales team
  4. reviews
  5. customer service

Ask customer service, "What are the top 5 questions people ask?"

Those questions indicate the clarity missing on your website.

4 Questions to brainstorm high-converting tweaks

Ask the questions in this order:

  1. Who am I writing to?
  2. Why
    1. Why is he visiting?
    2. Why does he desire my offer?
    3. Why would he say "No."?
    4. Why would he say "Yes!"?
  3. What information does he want?
    1. What info does he want to say "Yes!"?
    2. What could I focus on to convey more value?
    3. What happens after he says, "Yes!"?
    4. What info is missing?  What do I add?
    5. What could I remove?
  4. How could I optimize this step to help the client say, "Yes!"?